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Most businesses waste money on Marketing that doesn't work and I believe that this shouldn't be the case. I opened up shop a little under 10 years ago to help businesses actually see results from their Marketing efforts.


I believe in keeping things simple and making sure that your message is clear (see below). I am the founder of One27consulting and I work a team to bring you marketing that you can be proud of.


Enough about me though, let's see how we can help your business make more money!

Lee Bradshaw  

(Owner of One27media)

  Don Miller  

(Author of Building A StoryBrand)


I use the StoryBrand Marketing Framework for all of my clients and I am a StoryBrand Certified Guide. It is the best form of Marketing that I have ever seen and should be the starting point for all businesses.


I often see businesses try to randomly market themselves without first getting their message clear and that is putting the cart before the horse. Once your Brand's Message is clear, then you can start advertising in a unified way. 

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