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Helping Untangle Your Business Message,
So Your Audience Understands How
You Serve Them

Get clear on how you serve

Struggling With These Problems?

  • Can't explain what you do.

  • Your message is confusing or unclear.

  • Unsure about what to say to your audience.

  • You talk over your audience's heads.

  • Your audience has stopped responding.

  • Marketing campaigns keep bombing.

It doesn't have to be this way...

I've been in the marketing world for almost 19 years now & I've seen it all. 

Most businesses struggle with how to market themselves and wind up wasting tons of money 

because of that. I help you speak to your audience clearly, so

they know how you will transform their lives


If you're tired of struggling with an unclear message, hit the 

connect button to see how I can help. 

- Lee Bradshaw

"The main reason for the failure of marketing copy is because it's written to serve the marketer, not the customer."


-Ray Edwards        

3 Steps To Success


Understand Your Audience

Gain clarity on what your audience actually wants and how you should speak to them. 


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Learn How To
Speak To Them

We'll craft clear, powerful marketing message to use for your business

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Watch Your Business Grow

Your business grows when your audience understands you and how you'll help them

What People Say

I have been working with Lee since December 2017.  He is a knowledgeable, authentic guide. If you are struggling to get your message to resonate with your audience, I would suggest you get in touch with Lee.


Services I Offer...

Get a 

Clear Message

  • Your Audience Will Understand You

  • Clearly Explain How You Help

  • Easily Share What You Do

  • Realize Why Your Audience Buys

  • Show That You're The Authority


Marketing Path

  • Identifying Your Target Audience

  • Finding Qualified Prospects

  • Determining Marketing Direction

  • Know Which Platforms To Use/Avoid

  • Detailed Plan Of Action

Marketing Path


  • Working With Your Team

  • Continued Coaching

  • Help With Contractors

You'll Finally Be Able To...

  • Explain what you do.

  • Have marketing that works.

  • Show that you understand.

  • Identify your ideal clients.

  • Market with a unified message.

  • Know what to say in your messaging.

  • Give clear next steps.

  • Stop confusing your audience.

  • Know why your audience really buys.

  • Grow your business. 

My Amazing Clients...

Screen Shot 2022-06-10 at 3.42.13 PM.png

My 5-Point Promise To You:

  1. I will give you my best effort.

  2. I won't disappear on you. 

  3. You'll get my honest opinion.

  4. We will hit your deadlines. 

  5. My word is my bond.

It's Decision Time...

You want your business to be successful. In order to do that, you need a clear marketing message. The problem is that you aren't sure what to say to your audience.


I understand how frustrating this can be, which is why my aim is to listen to you and give you clarity on how to communicate with them.

So stop wasting your money & click that blue button below to get started.

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